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Cyber AI Tools for Domain Awareness, Anomaly Detection and Threat Intelligence

Software Threat Intelligence

Tagmata AI Software Tools integrate comprehensive detailed data intelligence from all of your current, legacy and virtual infrastructure to provide the most advanced customized data analytics, visualization, and cyber domain awareness.

Tagmata AI Software is an advanced network, cyber and threat domain awareness platform which provides intensive information discovery, analytics, visualization and response to increase your infrastructure intelligence.

Tagmata AI integrates comprehensive detailed data intelligence from all of your current, legacy and virtual infrastructures to provide the most advanced customized dataanalytics, visualization, and cyber domain awareness.

Tagmata AI software incorporates machine learning and artificial narrow intelligence to discover, identify, analyze, baseline, monitor and create alert response procedures around anomalies in your data repositories.

Tagmata Software enables automated intelligence to defend your data from ingested systems such as endpoints, servers, switches, firewalls, IoT,/A/V devices, VSAT, virtual infrastructures and hyper-converged/cloud infrastructure in to a single-pane-of-glass.

Tagmata AI provides a future state autonomous operational platform for both the security of your data governance and to help reduce your business risk by enabling your data to visualize threats before they become a problem.


Software Features:

  • Security Operations - Visualized Security Risks and Infrastructure Interdependencies
  • Network Security Alerts and Notifications
  • Machine Learning and AI for advanced threat intelligence
  • Provides superior threat intelligence from all data devices within your IT and machine infrastructures
  • Single-Pane-of-Glass of data logs for expedited Forensics Operations

Tagmata.AI Tool Features

Security Operations


Integrated Metrics, Applied Analytics, Real-time Information.

Network Security


Instant access to violations of data control or usage policies based upon network connections.

Artificial Intelligence


Advancement of machine learning into system of basic self monitoring and maintenance capable of self creation of virtual machine instances as an organism for learning experimentation

Risk Reduction


Simplified Dashboard, Brand Risk Modeling, Regulator Compliance.

Cyber Security Awareness


Ability to define and aggregate all of your endpoints, servers, switches, firewalls, IoT, A/V, legacy control systems, non-human interfaces, hyper-converged/cloud and interconnecting links for advanced analytics, visualizations, and cyber threat management.

Security Analytics


Comprehensive network visualizations to provide detailed evaluation data, models, dashboards and machine learning intelligence to further reduce business risks in both security and infrastructure management operations.

Tagmata AI Software Tools for SecOps

Security Operational Risk Intelligence

Tagmata AI Software is developed to support your organizations ability to securely ingest any data from any infrastructure, cloud or data log silo in to a single-pane-of-glass for streamlined business security operations.

Tagmata AI aggregates the entire infrastructure at large scale to provide time sequence aggregation, visualization, notifications and security across the network for cross boundary forensics and analysis.


Operational Risk Intelligence:

  • Network Security
  • Any Machine Data
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Search and Investigate
  • Operational Visibility

Security Assessments

GAP, VA & PenTest

Red Team Services

Test the tactics, techniques and procedures of your organization's cyber and physical security teams