Experienced Approach to Protecting Critical Information


Tagmata AI Security Platform was developed by understanding that every risk is unique and every infrastructure is different. This is why each of our services engagements are customized in their approach and final deliverable to your specific cyber goals and objectives.

Our customer projects are rooted in leveraging proven Cyber and Military risk assumption models which assume that your people and organizations generally fail in predictable ways; the sources of failure are usually simple, observable and repeatable. Unfortunately, these sources of failure often are identified after a critical event has occurred. Complicating risk, the majority of current Cyber Information and Governance Security procedures are generally reactive.

As threats to information security continue to evolve rapidly and stakes become higher, hostile actors are incorporating attacks that not only target traditional critical information nodes but also look at unprotected individuals and infrastructure as potential entry points of access to the desired information. Current Cyber defense products and models do not incorporate or consider alternative virtual and physical attack vectors.

Corporate loss of valuable information can be costly at best and devastating at the worst, leading to loss of competitive market advantage, damage to your global brand, proprietary exclusivity, and financial challenges.

As your company becomes technologically more dependent on the IT innovation economy, protecting critical information is paramount to reducing your risk and increasing your opportunity for cybersecurity success.

Tagmata, provides valuable resources to ensure your Cyber, Information and physical Security protocols are tested and proactive in their approach.

This is why, Tagmata is leading the future in CyberOps within the security industry through Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) which reduce cyber and physical security risk by identifying, testing and securing evolving attack vectors.

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    Tagmata provides our customers with objective based risk measures and procedures along with deep first-hand cyber and physical security experience. Tagmata assembles products, services, and solutions which protect our customers from today’s ever-changing security landscape. We help you understand the importance of digital identities, system access, risk management, advanced technologies, and physical security controls required to support both your current and future-state technologies. Tagmata security solutions continuously evaluate high-impact threats with persistent research and lab testing.


    Sophisticated hackers and enemy of state attacks look beyond the Cyber aspects to identify weak links to your information infrastructure. Tagmata provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to support emerging physical infrastructure risks such as IoT, A/V, and purple team Engagements.
  • Machine Learning Technologies


    Tagmata understands that automation of security infrastructure is the future of a robust security process, procedure, and techniques. The ability for our customers to understand, detect and automate responses is critical to the future of sophisticated intrusion detection. Tagmata is partnered with leading software and hardware architecture firms to design, test, implement and maintain robust machine learning environments. The future of security is quickly evolving from machine learning to artificial intelligence, and our security architects and developers are pioneering the most advanced ANI solutions.

Advanced Security Portfolio


Tagmata AI Software

  • • Security architecture and strategy
  • • TPP's business process mapping
  • • Business risk and brand intelligence
  • • Architecture discovery and evolution
  • • Physical security process and procedure review
  • • Incident response and crisis risk strategy
  • • Social engineering strategy
  • • Red, Blue, Purple operations team education
  • • Machine learning integration
  • • Artificial Intelligence security software development

services overview

Tagmata AI enables the Convergence of IT Network Systems into a Simplified Single-Pane-of-Glass Dashboard

Comprehensive assessment tool set, customized to your infrastructure to understand, communicate, visualize and provide security threat intelligence

Real-time network, NetFlow, Security and Data Analysis in a single location for intelligence, visualization and automation

Incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence software to support emerging security posture and policy