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Cyber, Military, and Business Risk Innovators

Successful Security Strategy and Operations Regiment

Tagmata is the new approach to corporate cyber and business risk management.

Tagmata provide services, solutions and software products designed to manage and protect various areas of your corporate infrastructure business operations both internally and externally.

Tagmata has the battle-hardened field experience to understand the multitude of risks every organization faces. Since we’ve defended cyber and business risk attack vectors in the past, we’ve developed strategic and operational programs to identify the four main categories of risk factors which can impact your company’s brand and technology.


  • - Functional & Physical Risk Software Platforms (Tagmata AI)
    - Technology & Informational Risk Modeling (Purple Team)
    - Market & Economic Risk Dashboards (Tools and Notifications)
    - Hazard & Event Risk Education (EDU)

Because we offer comprehensive solutions and unmatched expertise in each of these areas -- coupled with access to our global consortium of the highest valuable security resources -- Tagmata has become the industry leader in the innovation of infrastructure Cybersecurity and operational risk management.



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Trustworthy, Decisive, Crafty and Innovative

A Security Company Founded Through Innovation Values

Tagmata utilizes our brand values to drive our company and consortium of partners to be the most flexible, adaptable and responsive security and risk reduction platform company in the industry.

We utilize our real-world, battle-hardened experiences to tailor our specific software and cybersecurity services to your particular individualized requirements to reduce risk in a rapidly changing and evolving IT environment.