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Tagmata.AI Security Platform

As IT infrastructures become more complex and distributed, the need to find ways to gather plus evaluate your data visually is becoming more challenging and necessary.

Tagmata AI is a breakthrough software platform for advanced discovery, analytics and visualization of all your infrastructure’s data repositories. Tagmata AI Software integrates various detailed information from both your IDS/IPS along with other data structures to provide data analytics and comprehensive visualizations.

Tagmata AI Software provides the most dynamic mapping of endpoints, dependent systems along with integrated firewall, switch, router, VDOMs, VLANs and cloud infrastructures for advanced network risk intelligence and infrastructure modeling.

Tagmata AI Software Platform uses comprehensive network visualizations to provide detailed evaluation data, models, dashboards and machine learning intelligence to further reduce business risks in both security and infrastructure management operations.

Tagmata AI incorporates your ability to not just define endpoints, servers, switches, firewalls, IoT, A/V, dynamic links from a gateway, hyper-converged/cloud and interconnecting links for advanced analytics, visualizations, and cyber threat management.

As traditional networks technology continues its advancement to virtual infrastructure(s), services, dynamic applications, and complex business data systems, Tagmata enables you a powerful software technology platform to consolidate all your critical security and infrastructure assets into a simplified custom dashboard. This simplification of comprehensive data allows you the ability to incorporate business risk intelligence into a future-state autonomous operational platform.

Security Analytics

Identify unusual network activity or user behavior to pinpoint attackers before they do damage.

Network Protection

Instant access to violations of data control or usage policies based upon network connections.

Artificial Intelligence

Advancement of machine learning into system of basic self monitoring and maintenance capable of self creation of virtual machine instances as an organism for learning and experimentation.

Simple Dashboards

Dynamic in the way it discovers, analyzes and visualizes your data leveraging 3D graphics for business risk intelligence

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