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Security is the New Architecture

The most advanced phase of technology evolution has begun

As infrastructures begins it's massive consolidation in to unique open-standards based software fabrics, it creates dynamic opportunities for the advancement and implementation of complex but proven technologies.

These open-standards based technologies are enabling companies to begin evaluating the implementation of meaningful operational capabilities such as machine learning, artificial narrow intelligence and adversarial machine learning.

With the advancement of these technologies comes the businesses ability to be released from the constraints of traditional IT architectures such as hardware, systems and applications which have driven their need for expensive CapEx and OpEx investments.

These changes will enable the businesses to construct technical infrastructures which will be OpenStandards based platforms which provide enhanced business benefits such as:

- Enhanced security capabilities

- Massive data consumption from unlimited sources

- Rapid analysis prediction and processing

- Simplified data documentation

- Improved forecasts and predictions of financial rules/models

- Better marketing/sales/finance segmentation/predictions to support their business intelligence

These are exciting changes which will better serve the business directive by allowing them to focus on their core competency, while releasing them from their previous challenges and constraints of being an IT Innovator.

Tagmata is your technology architecture partner to assist your evolutionary process from existing to a future state software based fabric.

Tagmata accomplishes transition through our ability to discover, analyze and visualize underneath all your high-value needles of your data haystacks to provide business intelligence, data and security architecture evolution recommendations.

As you begin evaluating different technologies, a Tagmata partnership will assist you in the architecture plus operational implementation of "custom built" systems for the convergence of infrastructure and security


Holistic, Integrated, Autonomous Software

Tagmata AI Security Suite

As IT infrastructures become more complex and distributed, they need to start to find ways to evaluate their data in useful and functional ways to shift their architecture.

Tagmata AI is supported and developed on open source technologies and is the new powerhouse for overtaking the general market. In addition to the highly detailed information that an IDS/IPS provides Tagmata integrates highly detailed network intelligence by adding dynamic visualizations and data representations.

Companies that have a lot of services or integrated infrastructure and data sets in their environment require ways to keep up with information and see that information represented in useful ways. These also have to be provided in a way that the intelligence is actionable and operational.


Understand security and risks associated with the hyper-converged network that organizations utilize today:

- Compliance and Regulatory





Understand what's inside the infrastructure for a potential understanding or migration of existing assets:

- Endpoints


- Firewall Configurations

- Dependent Systems

Visualize data in real time to spot patterns and detect anomalies. Leveraging Atlantic's Tagmata AI predictive models are utilized to predict, forecast, and mitigate risk

Act on IoT data in real time

- Spot trends in customer behavior and send proactive notifications.

- Monitor and analyze machinery to prevent failure and minimize downtime

Process Automation and Optimization

- Reduce errors by automating labor intensive, repetitive processes

- Continuously optimize your manufacturing or production and supply chain or distribution


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