Experienced Approach to Protecting Critical Information


Tagmata’s “battle tested” process is developed by understanding that every battle is unique and every engagement is different. This is why each of our engagements is designed to be completely customized and unique in it’s approach and final deliverable.

Our customer engagements begin with the basic assumption that people and organizations generally fail in predictable ways; the sources of failure are usually simple, observable and repeated. Unfortunately these sources of failure are not identified until after a critical event has occurred. The majority of current physical and Information Security (InfoSec) protocols are reactive. To be truly effective, physical and Information Security Protocols have to be tested and proactive.

Corporate loss of valuable information can be costly at best and devastating at worst, leading to loss of competitive market advantage, damage to their global brand, proprietary exclusivity and financial ruin. In a technologically dependent economy protecting vital information is critical to success in any sector, government or private.

As threats to information security continue to rapidly evolve and stakes become higher, hostile actors are incorporating attacks that not only attack traditional critical information nodes, but also look at unprotected individuals and infrastructure as potential entry points of access to the desired information.

Current InfoSec models do not incorporate or consider physical security measures. Tagmata is leading the future vision of the industry in security Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) needed to incorporate infrastructure along with physical security measures needed for future protocols to be effective.
  • InfoSec Services


    Tagmata provides our customers with objective based risk measures and procedures along with deep first-hand experience.  Our customers require products and services that protect them from today’s ever-changing security landscape. Understanding the importance of digital identities, system access, risk management, advanced technologies and physical security controls requires a commitment to the architecture of both current and future-state technologies.  Tagmata security teams continuously evaluate high-impact solutions with persistent research and lab testing.
  • RedTeam Operations


    Sophisticated hackers and enemy of state attacks look beyond the Cyber aspects to identify weak links to your information infrastructure.  Red Team Operations (RedOps) allows you to assess the cyber readiness and physical awareness of your organization through proven scenario based controlled attack incidents
  • Machine Learning Technologies


    Tagmata understands that automation of security infrastructure is the future of a robust security process, procedure and techniques. The ability for our customers to understand, detect and automate responses is critical to the future of sophisticated intrusion detection. Tagmata is partnered with leading software and hardware architecture firms to design, test, implement and maintain robust machine learning environments. The future of security is quickly evolving from machine learning to artificial intelligence and our security architects and developers are pioneering the most advanced solutions.

Advanced Security Portfolio


  • • Security architecture and strategy
  • • TPP's business process mapping
  • • Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • • Advanced penetration testing
  • • Physical security process and procedure review
  • • Assessment of readiness and response protocols
  • • Social engineering strategy
  • • Red, Blue, Purple operations team education
  • • Machine learning integration
  • • Artificial Intelligence security software development

services overview

Tagmata uniquely provides the convergence of both physical and technical security

Incorporate US Military Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) in to physical security measures

Effective security management includes physical and Information Security Protocols which are proven, tested and proactive

Incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence software to support security posture and policy