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Tagmata approaches corporate risk management in a uniquely holistic way. We provide services and solutions that are designed to address the different risk areas of a business and its operation, both inside and outside of the company.

We understand the multitude of risks every organization faces because we’ve experienced and managed them ourselves. Therefore, we’ve identified four main categories of risk factors which can impact your company’s brand and technology. In response, we’ve built strategic and operational programs to reduce risks and help provide a program for security including:


  • - Hazard & Event Risk
    - Operational & Physical Risk
    - Technology & Informational Risk
    - Market & Economic Risk

    Because we offer comprehensive solutions and unmatched expertise in each of these areas -- coupled with access to our global eco-system network of the highest valuable security resources -- Tagmata is quickly becoming the industry leader in infrastructure security and risk management.



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Trustworthy, Decisive, Crafty and Innovative

An American Company Supported By American Values

Tagmata utilizes our brand values to drive our company and ecosystem partners to be the most flexible, adaptable and responsive security and risk reduction experts in the industry. We utilize our real-world, battle hardened experiences to tailor our specific services to the individualized, unique customer specific requirements in a rapidly changing and evolving IT environment.